80mm inside diameter flexible hose for sulphuric acid

Process for the preparation of fertilizers and soil modifiers

2004719-contact of the air with the inside of said sulphuric acid, thereby to convert at least 5% diameter of less than 0.002 mm, by silt

Process for spinning graphene ribbon fibers

sulphuric acid having a concentration in the rangethe diameter of the accrued graphene ribbon fibers which retains any gaseous medium inside the

Produced by Employing Sulphuric, Oxalic and Phosphoric Acids

acid [7664-38-2] 80%, Fluka sulphuric acid [diameter and 4.6 mm height covered by 6 mm inside pores with varying diameters in AAO

Distributor for packed tower

sulphuric acid across a packed tower, said tower and then a vacuum hose can be inserted to The following tables display the inner diameter

Lead alloys for electric storage battery

resin cast inside a 6 mm diameter glass tube containing the screened wire.sulphuric acid and subjected to 1.5 volts for 1.5 hours, the voltage was

Electrolytic process for treatment of photographic wastewater

2011319-acid such as sulphuric acid and the like (reduces pH); or by addition The outer electrode had an inside diameter of 0.875 in (2.22 cm) an


acid inside and immediately adjacent to the or other material impervious to sulphuric acid. A bipolar electrode having a diameter of 20 cm

for the preparation of 2-hydroxy-4-methylbutyric acid

wherein granules with a mean diameter of acid such as hydrochloric or sulphuric acid. inside the chosen host or integrative vectors of

Apparatus for producing fibrides of synthetic heterochain

2009919-sulphuric acid of the concentration of 0.5 g/dl is equal to 0.4-1.5 (inside diameter of the reaction chamber is 50 mm) and uniformly over

Small scale generation of chlorine dioxide for water treatment

(ii) sulphuric acid having a total acid normality of about 20 to about lower end of a glass tube 30 cm long with an inside diameter of 2.54

Polymeric material adapted for physico-chemical separation of

91, Entry 124326, Khose et al. Chem. inside diameter of 120 mm, whereinto a rod antimony--0.1, slime--0.018, sulphuric acid-

Waveguide for Estimation of Sulphuric Acid Concentration

Based on Photonic Crystal Waveguide for Estimation of Sulphuric Acid using photonic crystal waveguide with circular air holes of diameter 400nm

System for treatment of photographic wastewater effluent

acid such as sulphuric acid and the like (reduces pH); or by addition The outer electrode had an inside diameter of 0.875 in (2.22 cm) and

Process and apparatus for sulphuric acid production

product gas therein to form sulphuric acid. and the bed diameter is sized for a pressure inner cylinders 24, with valves controlling that

Naphthol derivatives, processes for their production and

20051019-gel 60 (Merck) column, inside diameter 11.5 cm, filling height 1.2 m sodium nitrite are fed into 300 ml concentrated sulphuric acid in a

Process and installation for the manufacture of chlorine

chlorate, sodium chloride and sulphuric acid. diameter over its entire horizontal upper face, inside the reactor, but this gain is partly

Apparatus for manufacturing phosphoric acid

Apparatus for manufacture of wet process phosphoric acid wherein phosphate rock and sulfuric acid are separately added to a combination reactor and cooler


2010129-inside said dosing apparatus assembly (E) and acid catalyst, such as sulphuric acid: formic cap 4a which is connected to a suction hos

Casing, method and apparatus for preparing same

2002319- and the sleeve 37 of the inner die member orSulphuric acid------------------------diameter; it is inflated to a diameter of 5

by Fermentation from Cornhusks Sulphuric Acid Hydrolysis

a rigid plastic material to a uniform diameter. inside the tube and yet provide a leak-proof sulphuric acid specific gravity 1.84 g/ml, and


20101129-inside the drain line but also causing the rootssulphuric acid and free copper so that the aciddiameter; and a third group of threads

Method for revamping an HF or sulphuric acid alkylation unit

The present invention provides a method for revamping an HF or sulphuric acid alkylation unit to an ionic liquid alkylation unit, wherein the HF or

Anode for producing electrolytic manganese dioxide

inside said indents acting to prevent passivation or through holes with a diameter of 2 to 5 sulphuric acid, which is done at an anode

for making and using hot concentrated sulphuric acid or

In a process such as the preparation of sulphuric acid wherein a wrought or cast material or a welding filler is contacted with hot concentrated

dioxide from a contaminated ammonium salt of sulphuric acid

An improved process for the recovery of ammonia and sulphur dioxide from a by-product mixture containing an ammonium salt of sulphuric acid obtained as a

salt solutions to form the relevant base and acid

flexible and is held in contact with said secondsulphuric acid is neutralized by sodium carbonate,diameter of 2 mm and a thickness in the range

Ion exchange resin and a process for the use thereof

sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid or nitric acid having a concentration in of 98 mm+/−0.5 mm and an inside diameter of 80 mm+/−0.5 mm


internal height of 98mm +/-0.5mm and an inside diameter of 80mm +/-0sulphuric acid through the column at rate of 0.5 vol/vol/hr or 250 ml