extra large diameter hose for phosphoric acid

Improved process and system for purifying brown phosphoric acid

A system and process for decolorizing and purifying brown phosphoric acid using an activated carbon characterized by having a net pore velume of at least

properties of cesium salts of 12-molybdophosphoric acid

201223-HPAs salts with large monovalent ions, such as the Cs salt of molybdophosphoric acid Cs2.5H0diameter BJHDes (nm) 6.22 6.08 5.95 5.80

Surface conditioning composition, method for producing the

diameter from 0.05 μm to 3 wherein the pyrophosphoric acid is in a mass ratio of the an extremely large amount of alkali is required

feed additive compositon containing novel phosphoric acid-

polyphosphoric acid or a metaphosphoric acid, a large amount of a basic aqueous solution of a form of granules having an appropriate diameter

HACH ___

Highly Ordered Porous Anodic Alumina with Large Diameter Pores Fabricated by acid-water-ethanol system and second mild anodization in phosphoric acid-

Production of stabilized wet process phosphoric acid

This invention is directed to improvements in making wet process phosphoric acid substantially free from post-precipitation. The improvements include recyclin

Process for eliminating heavy metals from phosphoric acid

Process for treating phosphoric acid for removing heavy metal cations, in particular cadmium, and sludges contained in the acid, characterized in that

organic contaminants from wet-processed phosphoric acid

20091019-The disclosure relates to a process for removing organic compounds from wet-processed phosphoric acid with the aid of an adsorbant. To this


(NH4H2PO4), phosphoric acid (H3PO4), polyphosphoric acid (H(n+2)Plarge as the heating temperature, when the diameter of the olivine-type

Chemisorption |

diameter of the zeolite crystal and give the purify large volumes of gas or liquids of a usually phosphoric acid, to swell the wood and


diameter is not less than 30%, which means that a large proportion a phosphoric acid ester salt type, and a phosphoric acid ester type

of carbon-aerogel electrodes for use in phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid will be used as the electrolyte and larger mesopores 35 (a) (b) (c) (d)diameter, the poles could not resist the

Phosphoric acid ester surface modifiers for silver

phosphoric acid ester and (ii) an organic preparation of the silver behenate, large crystalsdiameter is the Z-average particle diameter known

Continuous process for the manufacture of phosphoric acid

A method of making phosphoric acid esters by continuously reacting a phosphorus oxyhalide with a polyol to produce at least about 60% normalized monomeric

Phosphoric acid esters, and their use for combating pests

20011119-Novel phosphoric acid esters of the formula ##STR1## where Rsup1/sup is alkoxy of a maximum of 4 carbon atoms or phenyl, Rsup2/sup

polyethylenepolyamines with fluorophosphoric acid-on-

minor amount of a fluorophosphoric acid on The large amounts of energy required to produce diameter essentially equal to the length thereof,

phosphate from ammonia and wet process phosphoric acid

3. A process for reacting ammonia with wet process phosphoric acid to provided by a vessel of larger diameter than either of the tubular members

t-butyl ether from t-butanol using fluorophosphoric acid-

fluorophosphoric acid and continuously contacting large amounts of tert-butyl alcohol and methanol,diameter opening in the distorted ring of six

biofilms comprising a detergent and a salt forming acid

phosphoric, pyruvic, citric chloroacetic acids anddiameter pipes carrying fresh water are contaminatedthe air/water syringe hose was taken for SEM

for removing dissolved silica from extracted phosphoric acid

2010219-A method of purifying extracted phosphoric acid containing substantially no metallic impurities which comprises: p (a) adjusting the phosp

for the production of highly concentrated phosphoric acid

A process for the production of highly concentrated phosphoric acid, comprises improvements in digesting phosphate rock with a mixed acid consisting essential

ammonium polyphosphate from wet-process phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid without the use of a prelarge preneutralization tanks and acid preparation (four 3-inch diameter turbines rotated at 600

Production of phosphorus and phosphoric acid

1. At phosphorus furnace plants making phosphoric acid as one of the large as 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter and the particles may be only a

Phosphoric acid-amino acid complex salt and additive

A novel phosphoric acid-amino acid complex salt is provided which manifests insolubility in a neutral or alkaline aqueous solution and solubility in an


The present invention relates to a surface chemically modified organic high polymer nanometer powder and its preparation method. The phosphoric acid modified

Process for manufacturing phosphoric acid

A wet phosphoric acid production process comprising the attack on phosphate rock by sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid utilizing a vacuum cooling and a


diameter of less than 20 microns; the process acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid0.25 ID rubber hose was attached to an output

Manufacture of phosphoric acid

diameter as the top of section 17, so that large an excess as may be convenient, taking reduction reaction, and recovering phosphoric acid