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Mixed refrigerant injection method and apparatus

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DS85Z 0 - 2000Pa 24VDC 4-20mA Arthur Grillo |

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Apparatus for forming a hinged carton

suction cups mounted thereto for lifting the 3 and 5 and also serve as inner side walls No. 51,854, filed June 25, 1979, and

Upright water extraction cleaning machine with improved tank

15/320, 15/321, 137/614.2, 137/854, 239 3. A portable surface cleaning apparatus suction in the recovery tank, working air conduit

Honda ATV 2016 OEM Parts Diagram for AIR SUCTION VALVE -

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Magnetic control valve for a suction powered pool cleaner

A magnetic control valve is provided in a suction powered pool cleaner of the type for vacuuming dirt and debris from submerged floor and side wall

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Device stand with suction base

A device stand includes a suction base and a load-supporting module mounted on the suction base. The suction base includes a suction piece, a fixing

Motor driven suction appliance for wood processing

The coder (12) is applied at a suction hose (2), for data concerning the respective diameter. (D) of the hose. The suction appliance (1) has a

Bichromal balls

2006220-Pat. Nos. 4,126,854; and 5,825,529; and 3,3-dichlorobenzidine acetoacetanilides, a monoThe filtered solid was dried under suction for

Hose adaptor for fitting of suction hose for

Large injection and suction driven channel flows with expanding and contractingZeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik , 83 (3), 181–196 (

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comprises rotating cylinder with front stops and suction

The mechanism for aligning printed sheets (1) comprises a rotating cylinder (04) with front stops and suction ports around its surface, on to which the

Detachable pump and the negative pressure wound therapy

Shen, Te-yang (Hsinchu County, TW) Yao, Nansuction; wherein the detachable connection mechanism 4. The detachable pump of claim 3, wherein

System and method for monitoring load-related parameters of a

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Suction device for holding heavy articles like satellite

2004720-Apparatus to test a liquid, and especially water for the presence of microorganisms, has one or more suction connections at a frame, with an

Dental suction device for sucking liquids e.g. saliva, from

20101120-The device (10) has a pipe (20) with an open end defining a suction opening (30) and another end connectable to a suction hose (40). A cap i

Handle for suction hose or suction pipe of vacuum cleaner,

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Suction nozzle assembly for a floor vacuum cleaner

The arrangement (1) has suction nozzle (3) with suction mouth (7) having front and rear suction edges (11,12). The nozzle and suction tube

Ramped cap unit for a main pool drain cover plate

hose to the suction side of the pool water See, for example, U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,803,heavy and will thus remain seated on the pool

Suction duct with stabilizing ribs

A suction duct for a compressor such as a scroll compressor may include a plastic ring body with a metal screen heat staked in a window of the ring

Anti-clog suction tip apparatus and methods

2007225-Various forms of anti-clog suction tips apparatus are disclosed. For example, an anti-clog suction tip apparatus includes a suction tip asse

instrument for use in endoscopic surgery, has suction or

2009223-The medical instrument has suction or flushing canal (2) and a single piece sleeve shaped coating which is fixed in the suction or flushing