6 10 inch static dissipative chemical hose

Plenum/plug fan assembly

performance, via the inclusion of dissipative The assembly 10 further includes rear or hub six holes per square inch, and a TI value of

semi-transparent or transparent ESD dissipative layer and/

A cable in one embodiment includes a plurality of leads; and an electrostatic discharge (ESD) dissipative layer operatively coupled to the leads, the ESD

Cleanable filter bag assembly

static dissipative or conductive in nature as well and the filter bag 10 is blown away from the6 square inches (3871 square mm) (2.75 inches

Reticle storage system

6. The system of claim 5 in which the robotreticles are held by static dissipative material. about four inches to keep the vertical air

Static dissipative elastomeric coating for electronic

The invention features a static dissipative elastomeric outer coating for an electronic package composite. The coating is characterized by its superior abrasi

Fluoropolymers with improved characteristics

10. An electrostatically dissipative article chemical handling components (e.g., hoses 6 carbon atoms that may optionally contain one

Conductive filter laminate

428/285, 428/311.5, 428/316.6, 428/317.static dissipative nonwoven textile material (screened through a 0.25×0.25 inch (6×6 mm)

Coating compositions comprising alkyl ketene dimers and alkyl

D21H19/10; D21H21/16; D21H23/28; D21HSeptember, 2000 CONDUCTIVE OR STATIC DISSIPATIVE inch by 6 inch square and stood in ⅛ inches

Electrostatic discharge safe under conveyor antenna

6. The conveyor system as in claim 1, wherein the static dissipative strip is connected the second line of sight is 24 inches and 28

Static dissipative polymeric composition having controlled

The invention provides semi-conductive, static dissipative polymeric compositions comprising: an insulating polymeric resin; a first antistatic particulate ma

Static dissipative glass filtration fabric

6. The filter media of claim 1, wherein the fluoropolymer in the firstThe static dissipative textile used in a bag house filtration system 10

Data storage tape cartridge with static dissipative housing

A data storage tape cartridge includes a housing having a surface resistivity in a range of approximately 10sup6 /supohms/square to approximately 10

Article of manufacture and method for protecting information-

static-dissipative material; and walls which from plastic sheet material of about 0.02 inch. 6. The package of claim 4 further comprising

Electrically dissipative composite

A heat-sealable, oil-resistant, static-dissipative packaging composite consisting essentially of 95.5-97.5 wt % ionomer and 4.5-2.5 wt % electro

Polymeric compositions of electrostatic applications

the substituents are OR6, SR6, CN, COOR6, 10 weight parts of a polymeric impact modifier static dissipative properties are non-rigid owing

Dry-Packs 4 by 6-Inch Mylar Moisture Barrier Zipper Seal Re

10 minutes, as measured according to ASTM D-static dissipative, which polymer is substantially Extrusion is done on an MPM one-inch single

Large animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber

static dissipative polyurethane material, a bottom 6. The hyperbaric system of claim 5, the and disposed two to three inches above the

Multiple-ply anti-static paperboard

6. A container as in claim 5 wherein said inch and said two layers of anti-static material or static dissipative, paperboard are fitted into

Static dissipative laminate containing stainless steel fibers

A decorative static dissipative high pressure laminate having a plurality of consolidated thermosetting resin impregnated layers including a core and a decor

Static dissipative optical construction

An optical construction that is static-dissipative and includes a static-dissipative layer buried within optical material. static-dissipative layer, wherei

having components coupled with electrostatic dissipative

and an electrostatically dissipative adhesive 10% by weight of a total weight of the 2A on a one-half inch wide tape 208. The

Electrostatic dissipative adhesive

An electrostatically dissipative adhesive in one embodiment includes a mixture comprising: an adhesive material; and electrically conductive particles intermi

Electrostatic-dissipative multipolymer compositions

inch thick plaque, the plaque exhibits a haze dissipative amount of a chain-extended polyether. 000 to about 10,000, preferably 3,000 to 6,

Electrostatic dissipative chair

7. A seating device, according to claim 6, inches (2.54 cm to 10.16 cm) of flexible dissipative chair embodying the concept of the


polyethylene foam and static dissipative cross 6. The microelectronic transport tray as claimed0.10 inch thick allowing for a compression of

Process for skin packaging electostatically sensitive items

inches (50.8 cm) in the direction substantially(TM) polymers, supplied by Dow Chemical Company, the film is antistatic or static dissipative,

Method for manufacturing a charge dissipative surface layer

pThe invention relates to a method of manufacturing a charge dissipative surface layer on a member made from or consisting of a dielectric polymeric

Static dissipative textile and method producing the same

The present invention relates generally to a static dissipative textile having an electrically conductive surface achieved by coating the textile with an