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Component and methods of fabricating a coated component using

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Technology of Coal Bunker with Large Diameter

Design and Construction Technology of Coal Bunker with Large Diameter and High Vertical Height Aiming at the poor lithology,large section,short construction

Methods of manufacture for components with cooling channels

R.S. Bunker et al., “Turbine Components or powers an external shaft for marine and diameter, and more particularly, in the range of

Graphite tape supply and backing paper take-up apparatus

large diameter, narrow width supply reels 14L and 14T that can be Bunker, Mark SUSUS7922856 Apr 12, 2011 The Boeing Company Graphite tape

of Bunker Ceiling for Large Diameter Coal Bunker

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Depositional environments and sequence stratigraphy of Upper

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technology of the silo with large diameter

large diameter adopts rigid platform to get silo wall sliding model silos in raw coal bunker is carrying out smoothly,which gets successful

Apparatus and method for gas-liquid separation

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Double wall connector segment for a gas turbine with cooling

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Bi-directional fuel injection method

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Gas turbine components which include chevron film cooling

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Methods for removal of oil and other contaminants from water

such as an American Petroleum Institute (API) connected to a 12 mm diameter discharge hose. Oil type used: 9 ml of ‘Bunker’ C oil

Stationary-rotating assemblies having surface features for

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Method for Forming Casting Molds

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Wireless component and methods of fabricating a coated

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Trace chemical sensing

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System and method for improved film cooling

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Radioactive medical devices

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Insect repellent: 1-(3-phenoxy)-propyl-2,3-dibromopropionate

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Results of Cast-in-situ Large Diameter Post

Analysis on Experimental Results of Cast-in-situ Large Diameter Post Groutinglength of 54.9m to provide design basis for the bunker of single storage

Hoisting Technology for the Large Diameter

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Method and apparatus for the ion implantation of spherical

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