epdm hose assemblies for rotary drilling

Substrate holding apparatus and polishing apparatus

the rotary sleeve 112 and the top ring drive shaft 11 are rotated in (EPDM), polyurethane rubber, or silicone rubber, as with the pressurizing


2010120-hose to the stationary flat nozzle in the cavityrotary cylinder comprising holes therethrough for (EPDM), polyisobutylene, polybutadie

Miniature Compressor Pump

rotary and diaphragm pumps. Rather than moving upand features long-life EPDM diaphragms and valves Arctic Drilling Bank Bailout Blogging Border

Polyamines and method for preparation thereof

A toluene solution of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer) polymer was The amount of toluene solvent was reduced by rotary evaporation and the

Method for producing hose having low permeability

A method of producing a hose having low (EPDM) covering the core, and a releasing layerrotary shafts 35 connected to the driving shaft

Transport belt and image forming apparatus using the same

a rotary developing device 13 for forming visible images of the respective(EPDM), a polybutadiene rubber (BR), and an acrylic rubber (ACM, ANM)

Transport belt and image formation device using the same

2007320- a rotary-type developing device 13 that visualizes the latent images of (CR) and EPDM blended needs to blend and disperse, for example,

Self-sealing sample compartment for a liquid chromatography

The translation mechanism and rotary drive mechanism operate in a coordinated (EPDM) open cell foam available, for example, from Stockwell Elastomerics,

Rotary gate valve with secondary seal

20101216-A rotary gate valve includes a gate which rotates above a process flow axis within a pipeline. The gate valve includes a first and second op

Process for the manufacture of flexible tubes

4383555 Helically wound hose from co-extruded rotary transferring rollers to pass the tubular EPDM, NBR, SBR, NR or the like, or any

Piston seal and disc brake using the piston seal

WO1992007207A1 1992-04-30 ROTARY SHAFT SEALING DEVICE WO2001007516A1 2001-EPDM manufactured by JSR corporation (trade name “EP33”) to obtain a

Curable composition containing EPM or EPDM interpolymers

Room temperature curable composition containing EPM or EPDM interpolymers having bound ethylene organosilane monomers in which residual hydrolyzable groups of

Image forming device

on the side not in contact with said unfixed image is a rotary member. a rubbery material such as EPDM, NBR, urethane, silicone, etc.,

Process for preparing UV curable sealing assemblies

2005720-assemblies that comprise compositions that are Typical ethylene alpha-olefin copolymers and EPDM head lamps and engine flanges for ro

Rotary damper

1. A rotary damper, comprising: a driven-to-rotate member having suitably formed with silicone rubber or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene

Diphenyl acetic acid derivatives

2011919- and also polyamides or copolyamides modified with EPDM or ABS, and 4.5 hours. The reaction mixture is concentrated on a vacuum rotary

Cutting of wire-reinforced hose

rotary cutter for cutting the flexible portion of said hose and a chisel EPDM, polypropylene, butadiene-styrene copolymers, polyurethane, polyvinyls,

Method and apparatus for applying resilient athletic surfaces

(referred to hereinafter as EPDM), typically is attached to the hose 12 and produces rotor 26 driven by motor 29 in the rotary gun

Process for post reactor purging of residual monomers from

2007819- 7 is a rotary valve; 8 is an inverted truncated cone shaped transition polyvinyl chlorides; and elastomers such as polybutadiene, EPMs,


2013826-(EPDM) rubber, thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) wherein the rotary wheel assembly is configured Embodiments provide seal assemblies t


wherein the rotary wheel assembly is configured (EPDM) rubber, thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) Embodiments provide seal assemblies that maintain

Dynamically loaded sealing item i.e. rotary shaft seal, for

rotary shaft seal, for sealing of moving machine parts, has substrate that(Polyether-Urethan), EPDM (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Elastomer), MQ (Methylen

Sheet feeding apparatus having sheet separating means with

The present invention provides a sheet feeding apparatus including a sheet supporting device for supporting sheets, more than one rotary sheet supply device

Process for coloring EPDM rubber to produce

A method is disclosed for coloring ethylene-propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber granules for use in fabricating rubber products such as athletic surfaces

Auramarine AMB5000SS|

EPDM and NBR dispersed with carbon, whereas the interior of the backup rotary shaft 61S of the pressure roller 61, the distance between the

Development of test rig for acoustic chemometer

Hose pump and centrifugal pump A hose pump canrotary 3-way mixing valve series VRG130 is EPDM PED 97/23/EC, article 3.3 VALVE

a chemical resistant protective layer for a rotary body

2006420-and subsequently is smoothed in accordance with the use of the rotary bodyEPDM rubber masses with a metal or ceramic-material dispersion

Orthogonal rotary wiping system for inkjet printheads

A rotary self-cleaning servicing system services inkjet printheads in an inkjet printing mechanism. A rotary service station has a wiper supporting tumbler